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"Super Detox Box" (EN)



The purpose of the THIS PROGRAM is to restore PH. Helping you easily clean your body, have a beautiful skin, calm and deep sleep, recover energy, feel easier, look more beautiful.

To whom this program is most suitable?

Suitable for anyone of all ages who want to be healthier, feel better, have more energy, lose weight, improve skin condition.

After stabilising your PH there is a great chance to recover from reflux, regulate your blood pressure. The gout  disease is diminished or disappears altogether. It can decrease and pass ailments associated with joints, skin problems, etc.

The SUPER DETOX BOX program includes:

Products are food supplements that help in the alkalysis, detox process.
Recipes, full description-instruction.


"ELEKSYRAS" - 1 pc. super plant blend
"ŠVARA" - 2 pcs. fiber mixtures - intestinal broom
"VERMINUS" - 1 pc. "Antiparasitic" vegetable mixture
"PELYNAS" (Artemisia absinthium  - wormwood) - 1 pc. Antiparasitic blend
"TOX TEA" - 1 pc. Detoxifying tea.
"Oregano Drops" - 1 pc. the most powerful natural antiseptic.
"PLANT ENZYMES" - 1 pcs. activates the detox process, improves the digestive effect.
PROBIOTICS (good bacteria) - 1 pc. recovered intestinal microflora. Healthy intestine - strong immunity.
"ACTIVATED CARBON" - 11 pcs. combines what is unnecessary and removes from the body.
"EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL" - 1 pc. Helps the entire digestive tract. It is important to take at the specified time.
 2 e-books included!

RECIPES (It is recommended to prepare food andeat according to the recipes given in this menu. However, you can also eat at dining establishments. It is important that you take food according to the nutrition table that you will find in the description)
Those who are eating healthier will feel easier. 

It's not a diet - it's a nutritionally high, nutritious, alkaline, restorative, refreshing, slimming diet based on vegetarian food that is different from diets with low nutritional value.

In this way, the body can heal itself. Removing unnecessary substances helps your body to lose weight naturally. The body gets real food, energy, you will not feel tired, sleepy.